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Luminescence Products

Our Products

LUMINESCENCE produce a wide-range of security inks to protect documents and products from alteration and counterfeiting, these include:


• UV Fluorescent inks

• Optically Variable Inks

• Metameric Optically Variable Inks

• Iridescent inks

• Affirm Taggant Inks

• Infrared upconverting Inks

• Infrared visible (absorbing) & invisible (non-absorbing) Inks

• Photochromic inks

• Thermochromic inks

• Tri-Thermochromic Inks

• Chemical reactive inks to prevent alteration

• Chemical reactive inks to authenticate (pen reactive)

• Aquafuge (water reactive) inks

• DNA encoded inks

• Polyfast inks for lamination on polycarbonate

• Tri-Fluorescent inks (three distinct colours in different light frequencies)


• Metameric inks

• Coin reactive inks

• Penetrating inks

• Magnetic inks

• Conductive inks

• Fire and Ice Inks

• Inkjet Security Inks

Many of the above features can be combined to give multiple features in a single ink and others can be individually developed to the customer’s requirements