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Printing Methods


As the most popular global printing technique, and used on all passports, ID cards, currencies, etc, we have a wide range of security inks suitable for offset. These can be conventionally dried or UV cured and can be specially formulated to match the customers preference for tack and viscosity.
We also manufacture inks for use on waterless offset (Toray) and water/bleach reactive inks for printing on dry offset (nyloplate) presses

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intaglioOur intaglio inks are suitable for water/chemical and paper wiping systems and have excellent transfer and drying properties. Our water-wipe inks are formulated to be compatible with both the chemical recycling and wash resistance requirements.

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Our flexo inks can be made to match our customers exact Zahn cup specifications and are available for water-based, solvent-based or UV curing printing.

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Suited to long runs for high volume production runs, Luminescence have great experience in producing a wide range of security inks for this process.

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This process allows for printing heavy film-weights of large pigments, which is very useful when printing some highly secure inks. This is the best method for printing optically variable inks and also some features unique to Luminescence, such as Fire & Ice.

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Our magnetic, penetrating and fluorescent numbering inks have excellent printing characteristics.

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inkjetWith more customers requiring security features printed with variable data/images these inks are becoming increasingly important in our industry. Our inkjet inks are suitable for Drop-on-Demand and Continuous systems and can be water-based, solvent-based or UV cured. Please contact us to discuss the security features available for different printing heads/units.

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Dry Offset Security Inks

This printing method is used when printing water and/or bleach reactive inks that are not compatible with fount solutions.

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